OLVEA Omega Solutions' commitments

Sustainability has always been one of OLVEA’s core values. Sustainable development is a guiding principle of OLVEA’s commercial activities. Whether it is investing responsibly or engaging with its partners to preserve its environment, OLVEA actively commits to sustainable development, and to offering its clients sustainably-sourced products. OLVEA is strongly involved in preserving the future and understands what is at stake.

As a result of our commitment to responsible sourcing, OLVEA Omega Solutions is certified Friend of the Sea, MarinTrust Chain of Custody, and MSC.

OLVEA Omega Solutions is proud to be an SFP (Sustainable Fisheries Partnership) member and has been Chain of Custody certified under the MarinTrust programme.

OLVEA - Marine Stewardship Council - Certified sustainable seafood and omega 3 fish oils
Marine Trust
Friend Of The Sea
OLVEA - Omega 3 Fish Oils - sustainable development responsible sourcing - Sustainable Fisheries Partnership

In 2019, OLVEA Omega Solutions decided to formalize its approach and actions on sustainability into a comprehensive sustainability policy for fish oils sourcing. This policy concretizes the formal commitment of OLVEA and its management, to source 90% of fish oils from responsible sources by 2029.

Since 2020, OLVEA goes further by publishing annually its CSR performance report, OLVEAct Now, which is also shared with the United Nations as part of our membership to the Global Compact.

SFP - Target 75 Champion

OLVEA is working with the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP), an environmental NGO, to support their work on sustainable fisheries. OLVEA is a SFP Target 75 Champion, meaning that we have joined the initiative to set the goal of seeing 75% or more of global seafood volumes in key sectors being produced in a sustainable manner, or improving towards sustainability, by 2020. As a Target 75 Champion, we are also implementors of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 14 “Life below water”, whose objective is to conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas, and marine resources for sustainable development. Through the SFP, we are committed to an external evaluation of our sourcing relating to our sustainability policy and the goals of Target 75.

OLVEA - Omega 3 Fish Oils - sustainable development responsible sourcing - Sustainable Fisheries Partnership
OLVEA - Omega 3 Fish Oils - Sustainable Fisheries Partnership - Target 75 Champion - Responsible sourcing

Fisheries Improvement Project (FIP)

In Morocco, OLVEA has been working towards the improvement of the sustainability of its fisheries, supporting the FIP (Fisheries Improvement Project) and with the final objective to obtain MSC certification. The fishery has recently been evaluated as reaching the requirements for MSC certification and work is underway to start the process of assessment.

OLVEA - Marine Stewardship Council - Certified sustainable seafood and omega 3 fish oils

In Mauritania, OLVEA is taking part in a FIP which has been running since 2017. This project was set up in order to improve the monitoring and management regulation of the fishery, to support improvements in enforcement, to evaluate and eliminate the impacts of the fishery on non-target or protected species and on the environment. The FIP has recently been accepted under the MarinTrust Improver Programme.

UN Global Compact

Sustainable development goals

OLVEA has listed all of the Group’s CSR actions, initiatives and commitments in its OLVEAct Now report, linked to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations.Since 2015, OLVEA is a signatory member of the United Nations Global Compact since 2015 and thus, we are committed to submitting a Communication on Progress about our sustainable initiatives each year.

With the signature of the Global Compact, the OLVEA Group is committed to integrating and promoting principles related to human rights, international labour standards, environment and anti-corruption.

OLVEA Omega Solutions is committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a framework to guide all its activities. For fish oils sourcing in particular, we follow the SDG 14: Conserve and sustainable use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development. We are making our commitment to SDG 14 concrete through our sustainable sourcing policy, but also through the implementation of OLVEA Group’s CSR policy.


Sustainable business practices

SMETA – Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit 

Committed to maintaining high standards of social responsibility and safety, OLVEA Omega Solutions has undergone a rigorous SMETA audit. This internationally recognized standard focuses on health and safety as well as working conditions and practices. 



OLVEA Green Technologies, our eco-refining unit, was awarded the EcoVadis Platinum Medal for the third consecutive year, reaffirming its position in the top 1% of the most advanced companies in terms of CSR 

This recognition demonstrates our determination to achieve our ambitious goals and contribute to a more resilient and inclusive world. 



Since 2018, OLVEA formalizes its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach, with dedicated leading employees, through a policy and an action plan, accompanied by ambitious and quantifiable goals with the horizon of OLVEA’s 100th anniversary in 2029. In 2020, OLVEA published OLVEAct Now, its first CSR performance report.

The OLVEAct Now report is based on the 6 main themes of OLVEA’s CSR Policy:


OLVEA’s management carries out its commitments through its collaborators, whether they concern ethical business, compliance with regulations or responsible procurement.


OLVEA is committed to being a major and sustainable player in the local development of the regions where the Group operates.


OLVEA is committed to improving its environmental impact through an effective environmental management, from which regular protective and preventive actions result.


Thanks to the daily involvement of its collaborators, OLVEA guarantees to its clients listening, transparency and reactivity.


OLVEA invests continuously and sustainably in order to offer products that always suit the needs of its customers and the market.


OLVEA is committed to having happy and fulfilled collaborators, and focuses on working conditions allowing the personal and professional development of everyone.