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Oils for a Healthier Life
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Who are we?

OLVEA Omega Solutions  is a subsidiary of the family-owned OLVEA Group founded in 1929 and located near the picturesque Harbour of Fécamp in Normandy.

The Group has been commercializing fish and cod liver oils since 1929 and gradually stood out on the Omega 3 fish oils market by building a factory in Morocco (Agadir), OLVEA Atlantic, in 2003. This plant includes storage, refining, winterisation and deodorisation units. To access more resources, we have also set up a sourcing and storage unit in Mauritania (Nouadhibou), OLVEA Mauritania, in 2012.

Furthermore to strenghten our position in the face of the ever-changing needs of the market, OLVEA has developped a new eco-refining plant next to its headquarters in Normandy (France).

Our fish oils


Sustainability has always been one of OLVEA’s core values. Whether it is investing responsibly or engaging with its partners to preserve its environment, OLVEA actively commits to sustainable development, and to offering its clients sustainably-sourced products. OLVEA Omega Solutions  is committed to preserving the future and understands what is at stake.

The quality of the fish used in the production of our oils is compliant with our rigorous sustainability management policy.

Since 2020, OLVEA publishes OLVEAct Now, its CSR performance report.